I have created with the help of some wonderful crystals, Metatron's divine light and Reiki infusion, these Hydrosol/floral essence sprays. Hydrosol or floral waters contain micronized droplets of essential oils suspended in the waters so you are receiving The pure essence of the flowers. The waters smell beautiful and are very cleansing. They also have pure Rose Otto Aromatherapy Oil, a few drops, to aid the purity and beautiful scent of these Spritzers. Rose is very purifying and uplifts the Soul, calms the mind and brings peace to the Heart Centre. 


I have used pure Rose water in my preparations as the smell is so divine and pure. The Hydrosols are pure flower water and so very safe to use. These Sprays are used to spray the aura from the crown of the head and can also be used to rub into hands before giving treatment, soothing as a foot spray and an excellent room spray/energy clearing. (The sprays are safe to use on infants/babies and the elderly). 


The Sprays are also infused with Metatronia and Reiki healing symbols and healing energies to assist in raising your energy vibration to bring about healing and equilibrium. 

Floral Essence Hydrosol - An infusion of Gemstones: Phenacite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian and Black Tourmaline, Reiki Symbol infusion and made in a Crystal Singing bowl tuned to the Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra) note "D" to help lift the lower Chakras and balancing the Kundalini channel that runs from the base of the spine to the crown.

The Gemstones are matched to the 7 main Chakras from the root up to the crown centre. Bringing balance on all levels aiding recovery of illness or just as a general pick-me-up. This spray is only needed once a day, sprayed at the top of the Crown above the head and allowing the spray and essence to envelope the whole aura and body, aiding in clearing blockages and stagnated energy. Dispels Lethargy and brings comfort when feeling down.

50ml £7.99

250ml £14.99

These sprays also aid those that are nearing the end of their life on this earth plane. I have personally used the sprays with those who are passing over and it  has helped them to be comforted and pass over very peacefully. My Mother in Law recently passed and the sprays were used to comfort her. There was no need to use injection for pain and she passed very peacefully. The sprays also aid grief and bereavement. 

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